Nutrition Reimagined

Healthier Students

Wellness and academic achievement of your students is your top priority, and we are completely aligned to it. That’s why we have an integrated team of nutritionists, dieticians & chefs looking after the wellbeing of your students. Our priority is to create an enabling cafe environment and nutrition support system for your students, in alignment with your academic goals.

Ashwani Vohra


Delicious and nutritious

Today, parents are increasingly aware that the food their children consume can positively impact their well-being. In schools, we ensure that the food served is nutritious and cooked with care. Therefore, our cooking process ensures most of the valuable nutrients, flavours, and textures are retained. For example, we don’t cook anything with used oil, we don’t use palm oil and added trans-fat, we restrict artificial ingredients and flavour enhancers, and offer an optimal balance of salt and sugar. Additionally, we work with suppliers who follow sustainable and responsible sourcing practices and this ensures that not only is the food extremely appealing to the senses but also responsibly good for the child’s health.

Nutrition-guided integrated menu platform

 Powering our entire program, Chartwells Proprietary Nutritional Guidance Platform is backed by a comprehensive taxonomy of macro, micronutrition data, allergens of all ingredients as well as recipes and is mapped by dish, meal, and dayparts.

All the key macro and micro nutritional data is captured at the dish as well as the ingredient levels. Based on ingredient and grammage, the database captures details like energy, Glycaemic Index Load, macronutrient data including carbs and protein, all lipids, soluble and insoluble fibre as well as micro-nutrients like sodium, potassium, iron, zinc, etc. With this capability, we can analyse and simulate recipes to understand the overall macro and micro nutritional value of the meals being served in the school today, giving parents visibility into the food their children consume every day.

Sports nutrition

Whether they’re getting ready for a game or wanting to stay hydrated during intensive field days, this program can benefit all students. Sports nutrition education at Chartwells promotes nutrition and physical activity through nutritional guidance to athletic teams, training tables in the cafeterias, and communication resources to reach parents, coaches, and students.

Safety first- enabled by technology

The safety of kids is paramount to parents, and post-covid it has become even more so significant. With an in-depth understanding of the education sector and the safety needs for Schools, Parents and most importantly children, we developed a fit-for-purpose digital solution focused on safety and offering an assurance of the food and service to deliver.

Shield is our proprietary digital platform, which strengthens safety through incident management, near miss handling process, and helps us provide safe and hygienic food to customers like you.

Healthier Planet

Serving up happy and healthy also means taking care of our environment and recognizing the impact of our actions. Just as sustainability is inherent in how we operate, it’s also a priority for our students and families.

Responsible Sourcing

Implementing measures to protect the planet we share

Clean Labels

Simple, wholesome ingredients make our recipes stand out

Food Recovery

Donating surplus food serves the planet and the community

Waste Reduction

Identifying actionable ideas and sharing insights to reduce food waste

School Gardens

Helping students and teachers plant, grow and enjoy their own food

Farm to School

Bringing fresh produce straight from farms to our schools