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of students have easy access to junk food, leading to unhealthy dietary habits.


Childhood obesity rates – 3x + in the past three decades, with India having the second-highest number of obese children globally.


A nutritious diet is crucial for 80% of a child’s overall growth and mental development.


37% of energy intake occurs during school hours

Our Commitment

We’re not just about serving meals; we’re about building a foundation for healthy, lifelong eating habits. Through our innovative approaches in the Core and Enhanced Dining services categories, we are dedicated to making every meal an opportunity for growth, learning, and enjoyment.

Transforming school cafeterias with Compass Group India means more than just great food—it’s about nurturing a healthier and happier next generation!

3 Step Approach

To address these challenges and nurture our future generation, we have strategized a comprehensive approach encapsulated in three key steps

Enhanced Wellbeing

  • We focus on enhancing participation by making meal times engaging and enjoyable.
  • Our culinary teams work tirelessly to craft menus that look appealing, smell inviting, and taste delicious.
  • By embedding “Stealth Health” and innovative food programs, we ensure each meal is both nourishing and enjoyable.

Food Nutrition – Reimagined

  • Leveraging our proprietary macro and micro nutritional databases, we craft meals that are not only delicious but also packed with the nutrients young learners need to thrive.
  • Our commitment to enhancing well-being is demonstrated through our meticulously designed nutrition programs consisting of expert endorsed menus.


Enabling Environment

  • We believe in enhancing engagement by creating an environment that fosters a positive relationship with food.
  • From teaching kitchens to farm education programs, we encourage hands-on learning experiences that promote healthy eating habits for life.

Enhanced Dining Services

Transforming school dining into a vibrant hub of culinary creativity and nutritional exploration, our enhanced dining services enrich and inspire every mealtime, our services include:

Reimagining Food Solutions

Our culinary teams are at the forefront of “Stealth Health,” ingeniously incorporating nutritious ingredients into popular dishes, making healthy eating instinctive and enjoyable for children.

Making Food Interesting

We transform traditional recipes with a twist, making them appealing to young palates while retaining their cultural significance and nutritional value, encouraging students to explore new flavours and textures.

Global Eats

Embracing our “Global Eats” concept, we introduce students to a world of flavours, expanding their culinary horizons and fostering a global palate. This program not only educates but also excites students about global cultures through food.

Core Services

Our foundational services are built on safety and process excellence, child centric meal offerings, ensuring consistent food quality and engaging students and their parents in making informed dietary choices. Key aspects include:

Safety and Process Excellence

We go beyond standard practices by integrating advanced safety protocols into our operations, ensuring every meal meets the highest safety and nutritional standards.

Child-Centric Meal Offerings

Our meals are crafted through the lens of our young consumers, focusing on flavours and presentations that appeal directly to children, making healthy eating a joyful part of their daily routine.

Comprehensive Engagement

We make the dining experience enriching and interactive, not just for students but also for their parents. Our initiatives range from nutrition education programs to robust feedback systems, enabling ongoing dialogue with parents to continually adapt and improve our offerings.